vermont kitchenware products including wooden cookbook holders and spice racks

OVER the EDGE™ Spice Holders were created to save space in a busy kitchen.


The spice holder was designed using the same innovative, patent pending hanging principle as our OVER the EDGE™ Cookbook Holder. When in use, the spice rack simply slides over the edge of an upper shelf or wall cabinet, keeping your needed spices within easy reach and off the busy countertop. No more opening and closing cabinet doors in search of needed ingredients or losing spices behind the clutter of a crowded countertop. With our spice racks in place all your required spices are held conveniently at eye level, wherever you are working. When not needed the spice holder easily slides off the shelf and folds almost flat for easy storage.

The OVER the EDGE™ Spice Holder is handmade in Vermont and is an attractive addition to any kitchen. It is made of Vermont hardwood and laminated birch, creating a natural wood finish which is complimented by a solid brass fitting. The spice racks are designed to accommodate most cabinet shelves of ½” to 2” in thickness, with a simple, easy to change system virtually assuring a correct fit on any shelf. The spice can be used to hold more than just spices and are great space savers for any kitchen. It is a must for anyone who loves to cook and it makes a great gift.


Patents pending.

“The Over The Edge™ Spice Rack keeps my favorite spices within arms reach- no more digging through cupboards when I need them quick!.”    - I. Case

“I was tired of knocking spice bottles on the floor that got in my way in the midde of cooking . With the Over The Edge™ Spice Rack all my ingredients are out of the way.”    - M. McNaughton

Our Spice Racks Are Made in Vermont

wooden spice racks kitchenware from vt
Cook Book Holders & Spice Racks to Save Space in a Busy Kitchen
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