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Q: How does the Over the Edge™ cookbook holder hang there?
A: Most first time viewers are unsure of exactly how the cookbook holder works. The concept is simple: The upper fitting slides over the top of the shelf and the upper molding rests on the bottom of the shelf. When the weight of the cookbook is applied they counteract each other, making the platform remarkably stable.

Q: Will the cookbook holder work on any cabinet shelf?
A: The OVER the Edge™ Cookbook Holder is designed to fit over any standard kitchen shelf with or without a front molding. There are very few situations where the cookbook holder will not hang correctly. These situations result from custom cabinets with a shelf thickness over 1 ½ ”, where custom light strips are installed near the shelf front, or when the front molding is over 3 ½”. For these situations a custom upper fitting is available.

Q: Will it hold any cookbook?
A: Yes, we have designed the lower brass fitting to support an extra thick cookbook and also to hold down a cookbook/magazine with an elastic binding, keeping the pages open. For books over 12” in height simply hang the cookbook holder, close the cabinet door, then lean the cookbook against the door.

Q: Is the cookbook holder strong enough to support a heavy cookbook?
A: Yes, don’t let its light weight fool you. The laminated birch deck is very strong and our patent-pending design focuses most of the stress on the shelf itself. We have not found a cookbook that was too heavy for our cookbook holder.

Q: Is the cookbook holder permanently attached?
A: No, the cookbook holder is designed to slip on and off the cabinet shelf quickly. When not in use it folds flat and can be stored easily.

Just 4 Steps. It's That Easy!


1) Fit upper bracket
over cabinet shelf.

2) Slide the cookbook
holder back until it
fits securely.

3) Once in place weight of cookbook
holds recipes at eye level. Cabinet door
can now be closed.

4) With cookbook supported, the
countertop below is free. Easily
removed and stored when not in use.

cook book holders
cook book holders wooden vermont cookbook holder
Cook Book Holders & Spice Racks to Save Space in a Busy Kitchen
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