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Introduces The Next Generation of the
ULTIMATE Cookbook Holder

Since its debut in 2002 the Ultimate Cookbook Holder has won awards for its innovative design and function and been featured in Newspapers, Magazines, and Television programs nationwide. The product has also continued to evolve, leading to this years exciting news. We are proud to introduce two new models, both featuring a new shape, new materials, and improved features.

The innovative design allows the device to support a cookbook from a wall cabinet or open shelf, saving space in a busy kitchen while holding the recipe at a convenient eye level. The new models will also support a cookbook from a flat surface, great for kitchen islands or tabletop use. Two new finishes make the product as attractive as it is functional and a must for anyone who loves to cook.

Model #2A (16"x10") White with hardwood moldings and solid brass brackets.
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Model #2B (16"x10") Maple with cherry moldings and solid brass brackets.
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Patents pending.


Both Models in Optional Standing Position
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1) Fit upper bracket
over cabinet shelf.

2) Slide the cookbook
holder back until it
fits securely.

3) Once in place weight of cookbook
holds recipes at eye level. Cabinet door
can now be closed.

4) With cookbook supported, the
countertop below is free. Easily
removed and stored when not in use.

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Cook Book Holders & Spice Racks to Save Space in a Busy Kitchen
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